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Thriwing Capital is a boutique financial advisory firm

Market Entry Consulting

Thriwing provides companies who want to enter China or North America with relevant regulatory, commercialization, and financing insights to effectively design and implement strategies – be it market entry, expansion, commercialization, price optimization, distribution or others. In this dynamic and complex environment, our investigative, bottom-up approach to primary research is highly effective in helping you develop a suitable market entry or growth strategy for your business. We work with clients who are entering the market for the first time, as well as those who are looking for new opportunities to grow their existing business, and offer end-to-end strategy consulting services from initial market assessment to implementation.

Areas of Expertise

  • Country Profiling

  • Entry Strategy

  • Competitor Intelligence

  • Technology Validation

  • Market Expansion Plan

  • Business Development

  • Domestic Partner Search

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