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Rising Chinese Consumers

Most large consumer-facing companies realize that they will need China to power their growth in the next decade. Over the past 30 years, 300 million people have moved into China's middle class. According to the OECD Development Center, the forecast is for another 200 million people to move into the middle class by 2026.


To keep pace, market entrants will also need to understand the economic, societal, and demographic changes shaping the profiles of consumers and the way they spend. Chinese consumers are also becoming increasingly sophisticated. They are demanding high-quality, customised products – not only to satisfy their basic needs, but also their value-added entertainment and comfort-oriented wants.

Addressing this shift in Chinese consumers’ preferences will continue to be a primary focus for all market players, both domestic and foreign. In particular, foreign companies operating in China have to rethink their strategies based on the following premise: it is no longer about marketing to the Chinese consumer, but about manufacturing for the Chinese consumer. 

Subsector Focus
  • Natural & Organic

  • Food & Beverage

  • Apparel, footwear and softlines retail

  • Juvenile Products

What we look for
  • Premium brand

  • Established local distribution

  • Scalable

  • Strong marketing team