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Thriwing Capital's highly skilled team of both finance and sector professionals allows us to develop unique perspectives and craft creative solutions tailored to each client’s unique niche in the marketplace. Through a distinct combination of independent thinking, candid counsel, focused expertise and empowered employees, we deliver integrity, insight and impact to each and every relationship. 

China Expertise

In the new market, unique perspectives, detailed and well-planned China Business strategy is key to your China business setup and growth, especially when entering a market as unique and complex as China. Thriwing's deep root in China helps our partners navigating through the maze, understanding the regulatory environment in China and bridging the culture difference.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Each company we work with is unique and requires a carefully constructed cross-Pacific partnership solution. We give our partners the opportunity to help create the structure that works best for them. Our experienced investment teams have the ability to think outside traditional parameters and structure the deal that optimizes synergy with flexible and creative entry and exit plans.

Deep Industry Knowledge

We help our partners to make adjustments and validation to products tailored to the Chinese market. We understand demand and work closely with our expert networks to gain deep insight and expertise across industry sectors. In addition to our proprietary information source, we also provide access to third-party resources and industry experts to provide insights into industry trends and competitive dynamics.

Value Enhancement

Thriwing's Resources

We provide companies with access to the Thriwing's outreach of financial investors and strategic network from different sectors relationships to accelerate market entry in China. We make introductions to vendors and customers, add-on acquisition targets, and opportunities for exits. 

We act as value-added partners with management. We assist management in identifying and executing value enhancement initiatives. We limit involvement to initiatives expected to cause measurable improvements in value creation and measure success through value enhancement.