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Connecting Markets

Unlocking Global Potential

Thriwing at a glance
Thriwing Capital has been dedicated in providing financial advisory and strategy consulting services to North American and Chinese companies looking to form cross-Pacific partnerships. We remain committed to a strategy of co-investing with our clients and forming long-term collaborations. We help our clients to identify their market position, develop a comprehensive capital-raising and market entry strategy, and fully convey their value proposition to investors and strategic partners.
Market Entry Consulting

We provide companies who want to enter China or North America with relevant regulatory, commercialization, and financing insights.

We help businesses secure growth capital, leveraging long-established relationships with individual and institutional investors. 

Financial Advisory
Mergers & Acquisitions

We provide tailored cross-border M&A advisory services to middle market business owners and investors pursuing a sale transaction.  

Our global network of professionals has substantial knowledge and transactional experience in our core focus sectors, allowing us to stay on top of developing trends in the marketplace. We deliver in-depth knowledge and expertise in our core middle-market sectors.

Thriwing's highly skilled team of both finance and sector professionals allows us to develop unique perspectives and craft creative solutions tailored to each client’s unique niche in the marketplace. 


We leverage our extensive experience and unique insight into China’s markets to help companies identify the essential features of complicated transactions, mitigate risks, and develop rigorously structured yet nimble and adaptable partnerships.


We have a deep understanding of the strategic needs and preferences of the potential buyers, as well as a direct line to many of China’s top acquirers. We leverage these resources to provide our clients with a smooth transaction process that allows them to realize their true value.



We help our clients to secure growth equity and marketing support to accelerate commercialization in China. We understand demand and work closely with our expert networks to gain deep insight and expertise in the industry.

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